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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Have you ever tried a Thai Massage?

If you haven't YET tried a Thai Massage I suggest that you never do!
Last night I had a very painful experience when I decided to try the Thai Massage in one of these massage centres and the tragedy started there.. I asked for half an hour foot massage which went perfectly well and then decided to go further for a back and shoulder half an hour massage which ended by me crying like a baby under the masseuse hands!

I asked her to b gentle but she insisted that it has to b tough to come out with the best results and she kept on putting high pressure over my back and shoulders and I kept on wining and tearing.. She said I will be better when she finishes but that didn't happen up to this moment!

I wasn't able to sleep last night at all because of all the pain that I was suffering! I tried pain killers to help me reduce that pain with no hope! first thing this morning I was in my way to the hospital.. Doctor said my muscles could be broken due to the pressure that i had.. She gave me pain killers and demanded me to rest for 3 days and come back after the three days to check my condition..

Up to that point I felt sorry for my self.. I tried to get some 'ME' time and spoil my self but all I got was a long term injury God knows what will happen next..

This was an experience that I would never do again an a little advice to people who think of trying consider me as an example and save your body the torture! If you want some relaxing try Indian Massage, it's calm, easy and comforting.. And yes I tried it before with no problem..!

Wish you all good health.. Cheers!


Just a Reader said...

Looool...I second you ...Thai massage is painful ....but I already had neck & pack pain before so that was the main cause for hating it :)

Bride Zone said...

Delighted to find you here :)

I am not really sure if the pain comes from the hard press over the joints or just a reminder of the chronic pain!
I just hated it and would never try it again as long as I live!

Best wishes.